Model: @brittanyrosewebber 

Photographer: @kaylinamelia


Location: Nova Scotia 


      "I'm all about the simple things in life. If it's not making you happy, stop doing it just because society tells you that's what you 'should' do. I love seeing women take hold of their confidence once they find it. Once they grab hold of it, they truly are unstoppable."


      "Be conscious of the things and people that drain you and make an effort to spend more time with the things and people that make you happy and lift you up."


      "One of my greatest challenges with modelling is probably my height. I'm 5'4" so that's not an ideal height for most agencies or designers. I'm also a horrible actress haha. My acting skills, or rather lack thereof could certainly use some work. "


      "I really value my honesty. At the end of the day I know I am honest with myself and not putting myself in stressful situations in projects that don't fulfill me. I'll always rather work with people I have fun with. It makes the creative process so much more rewarding when you create great images with a team you love."


      "My mom always told me to not sweat the small stuff. If there's nothing you can do to fix it just let it be. But if you're upset about something you can fix then you better stop feeling sorry for yourself and get out and do it! "


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