Model: @cassiechebry 

Photographer: @iamsierrastone


Location: Calgary, AB 


         "I strive to be a role model and understand that the younger generations could be influenced by my actions. I've always tried to keep it real and stay true to myself."

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        "I truly look up to the people like Coco Rocha, Ashley Graham and Brigitte Bardot. When ever I create pull inspiration from these amazing women and can say I have really learned a lot from them!"


        "I have no issue being open with my boundaries. I will be very direct if i'm not feeling comfortable in a certain situation. It is important to remember your opinion and comfort level is number one priority. Sweeping things under the rug rarely helps. "

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        "I m a huge believer in the buddy system. Don't show up by yourself! Safety should always be your priority and getting input from other models is a great start as well.  Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!"

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        "My greatest challenge is my anxiety. I need to work on my confidence and learn to not over scrutinize. Also, my height isn't ideal to most agencies or designers, but I value my persistence, work ethic and adaptability. I want to be respected and admired for my creativity, determination and integrity"

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        "My goals are to see progression in my work, have the opportunity to travel, and build a career as a commercial model. I want to do more music videos and acting as well. I really believe in practicing and studying, as well as always doing taking advantage of creative and professional shoots. Applying what I learn from past experience, and of course, staying healthy and ambitious. "


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