Model @patricia_guirado






Photographer: @marcobarsanti1


Location: Madrid, Spain


Interview with Marco Barsanti

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        "Someone who wants to start in photography, look, listen, learn and take pictures, without stopping, it's nothing more than practice, the more you do, the better you will be. You have to learn and read a lot about art, soak in other sources and look a lot, observe the things that are out of place."

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        "My photographic style can be defined as powerful, sensual, a constant search of looks and feeling. Jaime Suarez was one of the first people who inspired me to do what I do today, he is a very good friend of mine. Photographers like Haris Nukem, Alessio Albi, Damon Baker among others. "


        "My path as a photographer has been mostly self-taught, I set my own limits so I always thought I could achieve any purpose."


        "The most rewarding thing about being a photographer for me is to be able to portray someone and that people appreciate the feeling you want to convey with each photograph."


             "For me there is something that is very difficult when taking pictures, you have to have the eye, all moments are unique but there is a moment that is special, if you are able to see it, you have it all done."


             "Well in my immediate environment there are not many people who are dedicated to the art world, so my inspiration usually comes from outside. But I am inspired by everything I touch, smell and feel."


             "My editing process was always self-taught, I've always edited better at night and it's always with R&B music. I retouch with 3 programs with my mainstays being Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Capture One."


             "My main goal with art, is to be able to teach the rest of the world my vision, about things, that they hear it, see it, learn it. Simply to share with others a part of me, that has always been there and that I can only transmit through my photographs."

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