Models:  @_samanthasiu


Photographer: @izakarts

Location: Montreal, qb

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        "With art, I want to create amazing photos and films with cool people. For me, subjects are an important element of my photos. They would good make or break photos. My subject is my art, the more they are interesting the better my art becomes."


         "I wanted to be a filmmaker. However, I started photography just to get used to cameras and get more experience with directing my subjects. As of now, I am thinking of shooting more beauty and fashion photography and also focus on creating videos/films."



model @Aiko_oni

         "I usually shoot with Sony A7RIII with sigma 50 mm 1.4. Recently, I am moving more towards artificial lighting but up till now, I shot with natural light. I always have a plan of what I want from a photoshoot and my inspiration usually comes from films. While I am shooting, I look for moodier emotions or expressions so I would achieve a dramatic look."


model @Aiko_oni

"Don’t watch youtube, instead attend a workshop or buy a course from a professional photographer. A course or workshop would give you a good start to your photography journey."


model @Aiko_oni

        "My photography style resonates with portrait or stylized portrait photography. I would say my work got influenced by films and people around me. I can’t say what's my favorite type of shoot but anything that involves warm sun and amazing people. "


"For me, photography is about capturing moments and memories. The most difficult part of photography is, it is very expensive, but it pays off when you create stunning images and meet amazing people."


"I edit everything in photoshop and it takes around 30 - 40 min per image but sometimes it takes longer too. I usually listen to Lo-Fi music while I am editing. I whole a process wherein the end I could tell that the image is edited enough where it still looks natural but not overly edited."


       "I think just being human and social will be good enough to make models comfortable with you. Models are humans, if you could interact as you do with your friends, I think you would be fine but never shoot in cold weather for more than 15 mins, it’s not worth it."

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