Model  @alina_morozova_rudenko

Photographer: @alex.mufasa

Location: vigo, Spain

Interview with Alex Mufasa

        "At this point photography means everything, I always had a traveler soul, I wanted to travel through many different countries and discover all the cultures that this world holds, then something clicked, "What if I focus on photography while travelling, it just makes a lot of sense" So photography became an amazing excuse to travel, and travelling became an amazing excuse to photograph."

        "Today photography is the tool that lets me express my view, perspective and vision of the world, it's me in the shape of art, and its art shaped by me, I mean, right now it's just everything, it's the power to immortalize the present to create materialized past, a photograph."


        "My photography style lies between conceptual and cinematographic, I've always been so interested in everything related with cinema and films, I found fascinating the wide 21:9 aspect ratio and the vibes you get from such wide angles and compositions, what I like about wide angle portraits is that you don't only see the character,  you get a sneak peak of where is that happening and what's going on, so for me telling a narrative story becomes easier when I can count on different visual references in the image." 

        "My biggest influence when it comes to style inspiration comes from  DOPs rather than photographers, such us Alejandro Iñarritu ( The Revenant, Children of man) or Roger Deakings (blade runner 2021, 1917...)""

        "Inspiration for a shooting doesn't usually come out of nothing, the ideas for the shoots usually comes while I'm enjoying another artistic discipline, especially cinema or books. I visualize a character or a situation ( like someone reading a book next to a staircase) and then , I create the atmosphere, why is the character there? What book is she/he reading? And why? Etc. So I try to answer some questions that the spectator may have, although I like to leave the narrative open for different perspectives so you never really know what's going on."


        "Sebstiao Salgado made me fall in love with black and white pictures along with Vivian Mayer. There is a documentary called "The Salt of the Earth" and it is about the breathtaking work of Sebastiao Salgado's trip to Africa, its stunning.


Current favourite photographers, Alessio Albi (@Alessioalbi), Dmitry Rogozhkin (@r7dii), Pasquale Autorino (@siermond), Domenico Falso (@nicholas.fols) are some of my favourite ones."

        "When I finish a shooting and get back home, I transfer the photos right away to the computer, make a coffee in the meantime, play some jazzy funk in the speakers and start editing them. It has become a ritual. I just can't wait any longer, especially if the shooting went well, I'm too excited to just wait to get my hands on the footage. I first open Adobe Lightroom to transfer them, once they've been imported, I select my favourite ones, normally no more than 10 out of 200 or 300 raw pictures. I then apply basic color correction (light, shadows and color grade).


Once I'm happy, I export them to Photoshop to add texture, work a bit more in depth with colours, change the aspect ratio, etc. One photo takes me roughly 20 to 30 minutes to edit and share it with the world.

To make sure I'm happy with the outcome of the photo, I export it 2 or 3 times with different colour corrections, look at them side by side, and pick the one that catches my eye first, quite instinctively.



        " For me, my main goal transcends popularity, fame or money to be honest. Being truly satisfied and proud of what I do, whether is liked by a lot of people or not, is what I'm after. Looking at my own artistic piece thinking "hell yeah man, you finally achieved the outcome that you always dreamt to be capable of!” It may sound quite romantic, but I really feel this way."


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