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        "My goal as a model is to inspire

 others to aim for progress and not perfection in whatever field they pursue. I would like to mentor others to help them have a better understanding of the industry."


Photography by Michael Vu

         "I value my health above everything

 else. I’m a firm believer that you cannot accomplish your goals if you are not healthy physically and mentally. I fast 5 days a week using the16/8 intermittent fasting technique which allows me to not have to follow any other strict diet. I have found it amazing and feel like I have more energy and focus throughout the day. I also meditate and exercise daily."



Photography by Michael Vu

        "For me it’s really important

 to advocate for health and well-being opposed to physical appearance. My hope is to educate the younger generations to practice self-care first and then the physical aspects of beauty will follow."


Photography by Michael Vu

       " I do extensive research anytime

 I start working with a new photographer. I’m also a part of a few Facebook groups where models share their experiences with others to create awareness in the community. Making sure someone knows where I am at all times is important so I tend to share my location

 with a friend or family member."


Photography by Sebastian

         "I would say that my personal challenge

 with modelling has been my height. I am 5’4 and most agencies minimum requirements are 5’6. I’m currently working around that by focusing more on fitness, commercial and bikini modelling. My hope is that the fashion industry will become more inclusive in the

 coming years. "


Photography by Sebastian

       "Other than modelling I do graphic

 design and marketing. I love planning and executing projects. My hope is that as I gain more connections and experience in the modelling industry, I will be able to use my knowledge to set up networking events or fashion shows to grow the modelling industry

in Vancouver and create a stronger sense of community between other models, brands and creatives."


Photography by Sebastian

       "What I value most about my self

 is my perseverance and resilience. I’ve always been extremely independent and have been able to learn by just staying consistent and focused on my goals. I would like to be perceived as kind, understanding, open and hard working."


Photography by Sebastian

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