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Beauty in Quiet Moments: Interview with Photographer Olga Kornilova

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

I am just trying to be myself in front of the face of this world. It is not an easy task, however, it is much better than to play some one else's role or constantly hide behind masks.

Olga has been fascinated by photography from an early age when she used to watch her aunt working in the darkroom as well as when she would flip through old family albums full of black and white portraits. Born in Russia, but now currently living on the sunny island of Cyrpus, Olga grew up around so much beauty and inspiration. She carried her first film camera with her wherever she went. She recounts memories, such as attending her first photography exhibition of Helmut Newton with her eldest sister, as “small anchors that dragged my attention to photography.” Photography remains an integral part of Olga’s life and is described as her biggest passion, “a state where I feel my real self.”

"All my photos are definitely driven by my personal emotional experiences. Something that has caused an internal response within me and has driven me to express myself through visual language. "

Olga describes life and personal discovery as her greatest inspiration. Her ideas are born within her subconscious as she strives to create an aesthetic of honest, innocent, playful and intrigue within her images. “All my photos are definitely driven by my personal emotional experiences. Something that has caused an internal response within me and has driven me to express myself through visual language. ”

"Photography is a powerful language. I am trying to express myself through visual metaphors while telling stories that live inside me. I truly believe that you can talk honestly and only show what you felt and lived through, what touches or bothers you deeply. This is how you can make your audience believe in your images.”

Inspired by the effortless authenticity of nature, Olga strives to capture moments that unveil the masks of the social constructs of beauty. “Everyday life, with all its emotions, is the richest source of information and experience.” She touches on how inspiration is derived from the lessons learned through the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Those that test your patience, ignite your senses, and unleash emotions.

Olga describes love as “the power and energy in which we are all made from, such as water which makes everything bloom. It is everywhere. "I feel a sense of completion within myself when I stop searching from outside sources only, but focus my attention inside.” Olga finds balance in the conscious practice of activating her senses in any way that she finds suitable for the current moment. She uses her sense of smell to aid her ability to either invigorate her or calm her down. She uses sound waves to relax or energize her or help her fall into a deep meditative flow. Music also supports her creative processes and finds it essential to play music in the background during shoots. She goes on to explain how senses such as sight, touch, and taste help her appreciate the beauty in the simple things in life. Being fully present in the moment through the senses is essential to living fully.

"It’s amazing what you can find within quiet moments."

Only a month ago, Olga was blessed with the birth of a beautiful baby boy. As a first-time mom, she explains how this new experience is teaching her how to balance life between the roles of being a mother, woman, and artist, while still making time for herself. In her family, when a new child is born, the women come together to support the young mother to create a sense of unity and strength. “During the challenging stages of being a new mom, it is especially important to feel the help and support from the women in the family. I am especially grateful to my sister for being there for me during this time.”

"I want to be remembered as a woman who spreads love, beauty, and kindness. To take advantage of every opportunity and use my talents to their fullest potential."

Olga’s advice to the younger generation of creatives emerging is to be yourself! “Revealing your true self is the hardest and sometimes the most frightening thing you can do. But if you continue to push your limits through experimentation and believe in yourself then you cannot fail. Don't give up until you make it! Insecurity is just a lack of experience or trying. Keep pushing!”


Photographer: Olga Kornilova


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