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Thank you for your interest in submiting to Haute Features. Feature your work among the most highly curated, professional fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content online.

Submit to us for your chance to win from one of our contests, earn from becoming a main feature or to be featured in one of our regular feature categories on the site!

Deadline: On-going


Estimated publication: 30 days after submission

Image Requirements: At least 4 images to become a main feature.1 image to be featured in our regular categories.
JPG format

sRGB color profile



Do not forget to include the Instagram credits of the team to the image, so we can tag everyone in the Instagram Stories.

You have to be the copyright holder to the images being submitted, or you have permission from the copyright holder to submit the images.

Each Submission is carefully looked through and a few creatives are selected for an interview and full page spread.

Haute Features provides a high-quality platform for new and established professional Creatives to be connected, published and recognized world-wide.


Letter from the Editor-in-Chief:

We welcome you to Haute Features. An international feature site built to bring fresh thinking and celebrate what it means to be beautiful, through individuality, art, and culture. We strive to take the time to get to know everyone who submits to us, and we welcome those who would like to become an ambassador or a part of the HF team. We believe in forming a safe space for artists to connect and create together, and are always looking for curators, creative directors, and artists to build with us.

We have noticed what happens when you live through an era of rapid change and change is certainly all around us. There is an inevitable surge of artistic creativity and a need to be heard. We are all in a transformative phase through internal and external experiences. We are changing our ideas of who we are, what we want, how to protect our energies, and pushing the limits of what we are capable of. We see a world that challenges us through unpredictability and uncertainty. We shield ourselves from others - strangers to all - borders both physical and figurative. So here we offer a place of harbour from daily struggles. A place where we can retreat into beauty and art. A place where we can connect and create. 

Through these beginning stages of Haute Features, we aim to build together, while bringing opportunities for exposure and narrative. The chance to have your voice heard as an artist and to allow the world to see you in your chosen light. We are excited to continue to expand through articles, interviews, coordinating shoots, and videos. We plan to celebrate inspiring people, who we hope will provoke some stimulating thoughts. Everyone is unique, and everyone has a story, what is yours?

“Either you walk inside your own story and own it, or you stand outside your story 
and hustle for its worthiness." - Brene Brown

Sierra Stone

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