Model @mattlen_craig

Agency: I Model Management

Styled by @aliceandirene

Location: Calgary, AB

Photographer: @iamsierrastone

Interview with Mattlen Craig

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        "I definitely strive to be a role model or at least understand that my actions could influence younger generations. I always remember looking up to girls older than me in any environment and wanting to be like them and mimicking their actions so I always try to remember to be a good influence because you never know who is watching you.


My advice to anyone starting out in this industry is to be confident in who you are and be true to who you are. There will always be someone who doesn't like you, but you have to remember that there will also always be someone who does like you!"


        "The greatest challenge in modelling for myself would be getting my name out. Living in a smaller community in Alberta is a challenge on its own but being active on social media is not my strong suit. If we are talking about modelling itself, I struggle the most with remembering to relax and just have fun at shoots. Sometimes I get so focused on my poses and what I am doing that I forget to just relax and let go as I find that is where the best pictures come from. "

        "I value my work ethic and ability to get along with most people. I have a natural drive to work hard and I have always understood that more opportunities come to those who work and push hard for them. I would hope that the world would see me as someone people could look up to and that I am a positive and happy person."


        "I have done so many awesome shoots throughout my career but I think my first time travelling for a modelling job is what really lit a fire! I had the opportunity to travel to Montreal and meet my new agency and go to a few castings. When I got back home I received a call from my agency saying I booked 3 jobs and that they needed me to come back to Montreal and I will never forget that feeling. It sounds so corny but at that point I really realized that if you work hard your dreams can come true."


        "If you have an agent or agency that you can trust they will almost never put you in any difficult or dangerous situations. They will only send you to companies or photographers that they have either screened or worked with in the past and know they can trust them with their models.


If something were to come up where your agency isn't aware of a photographer or if you are a freelance model, it is always good to bring someone with you so you aren't alone. It should never be a burden to the photographer to have an extra person there to watch and hangout. Always trust your gut as well. If something doesn't feel right, trust that feeling and take yourself out of that situation."


        "Be true to yourself and don't worry about what others think."


        "Another goal I have for myself on a more personal level is I hope to be a mom one day. I try not to focus too much on careers and being busy as I often feel overwhelmed quickly but I would love to find a balance one day for my own personal growth in my careers but also with a future family.

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by Sierra Stone

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