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Tranquility in Loneliness: with photographer Ivan Abalde

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Ivan Abalde is a photographer from Vigo, Spain, and has been shooting for three years. His style of photography is inspired by the cinema, "especially by the series and

films of the 90s since they are the ones that I see and enjoy the most." He considers his work to be something of cinematic nostalgia.

Ivan's style was influenced by the work of content creators who he looked up to and would watch their YouTube videos for hours. When we started his photography journey he would find himself taking photos in abandoned places and then moved on to urban/street photography. He has since focused his work on cinematic captures.

Photography gives me peace of mind, I have a good time and I enjoy it a lot, especially exploring places and meeting people from this world. The most gratifying part is that people are impressed when they see a photo of you that they are not expecting.

His biggest inspirations come from David Fincher's films and the works of photographers such as @alxvisual or @handsol.

"I usually look for a location that catches my attention and from there I prepare the entire subsequent session, most of the time I usually work with ambient light and night photography. I try to express the tranquility and loneliness of the model in a quiet space."

When I get home after the session I put all the files on the computer, I always edit after 12

at night, I think that the tranquility that there is at that time helps me a lot to inspire myself

and get the best of myself while using the program Adobe Lightroom to get the most out of my photos. While I edit, I usually see a series on my second screen, usually, one that I have

already seen and that may have in the background."

"I like that my photos convey tranquility and at the same time that you feel the intensity and the loneliness of the moment."
"My short-term goal is to create a short film with the style of my photography and in the long term, it would be to manage campaigns for large brands."


Photography by @ivi_abalde

Model @alina_morozova_rudenko

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