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Walk-ins Welcome: Cannibale Barbershop

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

With the iconic striped poles, straight razor blades, and dark Naugahyde chairs, the barbershop is a place of relief from the rush of everyday life. The barbershop is a central hub for many communities. It is more than just a place to go to get a haircut. It is a place of congregation and connection. A place of sharing, learning, and laughing. A place to feel a strong sense of belonging. For many, it is a place of haven, with lively debates, comedy, gossip and authentic friendships. A place where you can just be yourself without any ramifications.

Hair cutting dates back to 5000 BCE in Ancient Egypt when methods include using sharpened flint or oyster shell. However, the concept of a barbershop has been around as early as 296 B.C when Greek men used to come to the markets to get hair and beard trimmings, performed by surgeons and dentists. A place where men could debate or gossip with others in their community. However, the first in its trade to provide training, education, and professionalism to the world of facial hair trimming began in the 19th century when the first barber school opened in Chicago.

The traditional feel of the barbershop, from grooming methods to the vintage ambiance of the shop attracts people who want a unique barbershop experience. Cannibale Barber Shop in Calgary, Alberta does just that. Cannibale is nested in the heart of Bankview, where you can enjoy a drink or food while waiting for a haircut. The “speakeasy” concept provides a barbershop in the front with a 1920’s style lounge in the back. Cannibal, in Bridgeland, is one of three co-owned barbershops in the city, along with Kent of Inglewood and Cannibale at Gravity Pope; each with its own unique flair and aesthetic. Co-owner John Radu explains, “we wanted to continue the idea of partnering with some cool businesses and not just opening up another barbershop, and we are lucky all 3 locations are really unique in their own way. Our clients enjoy the uniqueness each shop has to offer and will either gravitate to one or try out all three

There is an incredible shift happening from the Oil and Gas industry towards a vibrant arts scene. “Seems like we are certainly moving in the right direction. I guess that’s what’s cool about Calgary there’s so much potential here as long as people take some risks,” John says. Covid has had major effects on businesses in Calgary. However, it has also allowed for the emergence of other forms of survival and expression. Art and the trades are beginning to rise in a way that Calgary has never seen before. It will be an exciting journey and we expect to see a lot of vibrancy filling the streets and empty office buildings.


Models: @haileyrayk

Photographer: @iamsierrastone

Creative director: @iamsierrastone

Makeup @raeeda_mua

Location: Cannibale Barbershop in Calgary, AB


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